Tom and Wanda Ogan & games
Posted Monday, August 8, 2011 12:08 PM

I spoke with them both this morning and they are happy to be the couple running the game part of the program.  Also, am having 2nd thought about gift certificates as I mentioned to Jack W and Gene.  A large percent of certificates are never redeemed and cash never goes out of style.  So I'm suggesting sealed envelope with various amounts of cash from x to x and let each prize winner draw their selection.  It will be fun to see what each person gets and it will hold the attention of the rest waiting to see the amount won.  I need to know how many questions to ask for prizes.  Rather how much money we have to give out for prizes and the one random  prize picked from a seat number and we will need Nikki and her decorating group to tapes the numbers under the seats.  The prizes suggested to date are:

1) prize for the person who traveled the furthest (which we know is Paul Tepper)

2) who has been married the longest

3) who has the most children

4) who lives the closest to where they were born

5) maybe what famous music group begin and had their first hit in l961 ( The Beach Boys for Surfin)

6) the random prize ( just to give everyone a fair chance) this should be the last given out

7) who has the most grandchildren

8) No.1 after school show, who was mc and from what city did it broadcast (Bandstand, Dick Clark, Philly)

9) teenage stars or shows or our era (Patty Duke, Dobie Gillis, Ricky Nelson)

10) what famous doll got her first boyfriend in 1961 (Barbarie & Ken)

11) most popular hair styles (Pixie and Ponytail for girls, Flat top and Duck Tail for guys)

12) what were the dance crazes (sockhops, twist & pony)

I'm not suggesting we use all of these,  just thinking.  I like the personal questions because it gives a sense of pride to the winner due to their own accomplishments.  any other ideas in that department.

I think 8 to 10 prizes is enough, that way it doesn't get boring and fills space without using up too much time.   Let me know your thoughts committee members.     Patsy