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Mary Ireland Schwartz

Profile Updated: March 25, 2010
Mary Ireland
Residing In: Lombard, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Deceased
Occupation: Special Ed Teacher - retired
Children: 2 children
4 Grandchildren
Mary Ireland



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Also worked as a sales rep, and Pre-School Child Care Association

I like to travel, read, sew, spend time with my grandchildren and the Red Hat Society.

Attending my son's wedding Huanuco, Peru, was a memorable trip. From Lima, Peru to Huanuco is a 10 hour bus ride up into the Central Highlands of the Andes Mountains. It was truly a "National Geographic" experience. The mountains changed color as we ascended, from green to brown, to orange to white. The villages were small and very poor, the children rosy cheeked; chickens, pigs and cows were free range. I loved seeing llama, alpaca and vicuna roaming freely. Waterfalls were used as showers and streams for lauindry. Bushes made natural clothes dryers.

Cabs were hired for local transportation, with the price haggled and negotiated before hand. A day trip to the beautiful Amazon Lowlands brouht not only sight seeing, but surprise stops on the highway. Twice, uniformed police with machine guns stopped our cab to inspect the trunk and our passports ~ the road is a main route for Coca traffic. Other stops brought villagers rushing to see their goods.

The wedding ceremony took place in a picturesque Colonnial Church. It was very similar to an American ceremony. The reception, held in a banquet hall had a string quartet performing until after dinner. Then the dancing music started. Everyone from toddler to grandmother danced. I left at dawn and the party was still going on! The Peruvians were so friendly and gracious, always looking out for our welfare. Very few of them spoke English, but we managed to communicate with my son translating. Too bad I took French, not Spanish at BHS!!